Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR all.... Let us all hope that in this new year everything will be better than the past years. We have the whole year ahead of us to enjoy and experience a lot of things. So, let's get into the spirit of new year. For all of you who read this, if you haven't make a new year resolution, MAKE ONE right now! Come on, new year won't be complete without a new year resolution. Even my dog have a new year resolution ("I will try to stop eating my master's shoes," Peanut). You guys can make any resolution you want, even if it might seems impossible. Just believe in yourself and know that there is nothing impossible if you work for it. And for girls who want to wish for a happily ever after life with their significant other, GO for it! It's never too much to wish for a happy ending.

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